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fast forward into the future

2017-11-21 / 18:00 - 21:00 CET

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Repüljünk 2071-ig, ahol a világon minden, minden megváltozott! November 21-én egy különleges előadó különleges előadására kerül sor a Start it @K&H inkubátorban. Az inspiráló előadás keretében Peter van Hees kalandos útra hív minket, amely végén reméljük, mindenki fellelkesülve, újító gondolatokkal a fejében tudja elhagyni a helyszínt.

Az előadást angol nyelven tartjuk és készülünk egy-két meglepetéssel, amiről az eseményt és az oldalunkat követve tudtok majd informálódni.

Időpont: 2017.11.21.

Kapunyitás: 18:00

Kezdés: 18:15

Kérdezés és networking: 19:15

A regisztráció kötelező, mivel limitált férőhellyel rendelkezünk.

Regisztrálj itt!

Fast Forward to 2071, to a world where everything, everything… is different!

The inspiring presentations are all around us… from “black swans”, “digital transformation”, to the definition of the “new normal”.

As human beings, we have arrived in the era of ever-accelerating transformation, with dramatic changes that are happening faster and faster: from prehistoric loner to globetrotting social smartphone addict, and the next mixed reality trend is already smiling upon us.

Speculating about the future is a very exciting activity: no fortune tellers and crystal ball, but guiding our thoughts using ‘science facts’: a healthy dose of realism combined which current trends, technological advances, medical breakthroughs and other facts.

On the basis of a long list of concepts, we fast forward through a timeline of future history. The purpose of the presentation is simple: inspire everyone with insights into the countless opportunities that the future will bring us.


Are you ready for this roller coaster?


Event: 2017.11.21

Place: Start it @K&H incubator

Opening: 18:00

Start: 18:15

Questions and networking: 19:15

Registration is required to attend our event since we have limited seats available.

Register now!

Our speaker: Peter van Hees

Trend Watcher, Sorcerer of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence Alchemists, Inspirational Keynote Speaker & … Proud Product Owner of K’Ching. This introduction clearly highlights that a single job title doesn’t apply for our Innovation Manager.

  • As “Sorcerer of Innovation”, Peter is focused on Trend-Driven Innovations. It’s his ambition to figure out what customers want before they do; by isolating and decoding underlying basic needs, drivers of change and upcoming innovations. The goals is to understand which initiatives have the potential to be applied more widely to improve financial services.
  • As “Artificial Intelligence Alchemists”, Peter is challenged to lead the initiatives that create what customers are going to want next. He is building upon the innovative insights to actively launch experiments, products and services that address and reflect these new expectations.
  • As “Trend Watcher” and “Keynote Speaker”, Peter is sharing his insights to inspire innovative intrapreneurship throughout the entire company.

As Product Owner of K’Ching, he is applying all of the above roles into our innovative youngster app.

Peter had the privilege to work for several industries leading companies; including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard (Compaq), AB Inbev (Interbrew) and Proximus (Belgacom).


18:00 - 21:00 CET
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