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startup leírás

Bring consciousness into the world of fashion, while creating an inspiration-driven online market place for pre-loved items and also for new items from upcoming designers or local boutiques.
We would like to contribute to build the base of a conscious society, that supports sustainable life on our home, Earth.

Feedmarketing – We create value for our users with our special product category system. Combine ‘for sale’ and ‘not for sale’ items on your lookboard to fuel the imagination of your buyers.
Entertaining user journey: Inspiration focus in the market of pre-loved fashion – create outfits to sell your products Social network based e-commerce – Shop online from your favourite sellers.
Sustainability and consciousness – We can create positive changes together in the fashion industry which happens to be the second biggest polluter in the world. Be part of an effective cycle.



Angyal Ivett, Molnár Nikolett, Miklós Andrea

szektor: e-commerce, marketplace

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