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The SMAPP LAB team develops a digitized trap family which monitor the pest insects and predict effectual several pest control points.

Currently, only a few farmers spraying based on data, because the manual collection of data takes a lot of time and it is really sticky and not so trusty. Therefore they often do not guard against pest at the right time with the right amount of chemical. It cost unnecessary strain on the environment and extra expense, not mention the poorer production. Our solution is data-collection and digitalized analysis. Based on these, we provide advice on exactly when and which pesticide to use. Presently we build upon university researches and knowledge of specialists to determine the perfect time for spraying. In the future, we will specify the forecast with our own database supplemented with the characteristics of a particular area.



Posta Donát, Bereczki Anna, Makra Sándor, Szoták Soma, Koór Levente

szektor: agriculture

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