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Talent Revolution

startup leírás

Talent Revolution is an online player-scout database, where we provide the opportunity for discovering football talents online.

The site offers a great opportunity for emerging talents and experienced players too, to present themselves, demonstrate their talents to player agents, managers and clubs.
The primary goal is to give the opportunity for the talented ones who have not been discovered yet, and for those whom we do not even know about, to present their knowledge and prove their skills through videos.

We believe social media is changing the way we discover talents and our site is doing it all in a controlled way, saving time, money and energy for agency offices, scouts, associations, coaches. It offers an opportunity to discover new talents, facilitates contact with players, and provides a much wider range of opportunity from the player market.

In addition to the completed CV, which contains the general data and various professional characteristics (former / current club, position, strengths, areas to be developed, goals), the registered player can also upload videos about himself, which can be seen by the registered scout and coach, also they can contact him.



Tóth Tamás, Holczer Benedek

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