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Working on digitalizing sport events! Creating solutions for organizers, spectators and competitors.

Track provides a platform where all the relevant information is available about the event. For organizers, our software provides sport-specific help in their job (e.g.: during a sailing regatta it automatically creates results, or in a mountain bike race it detects an accident). For fans, we create a more data-rich platform, which helps them understand what is happening on the track in real-time. Athletes can analyse their performance and compare themselves to rivals, right after they cross the finish line.

For gathering data, we use GPSs and other IoT devices, but our system will support phones as trackers if the sport rules allow.

Track also serves as a digital results platform, which is calculated based on GPS data instantly, then updates based on the organizer’s verification.



Hajdú Erik, Kocsis Bálint, Nagy Bálint, Henczidai Bálint

szektor: Media & entertainment, Sports, Advertising

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